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Happy Friday everyone!
How’s your weekend been? Let’s chat!

Easy hairstyle for a hot summer day

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Easy hairstyle for a hot summer day
Hairstyle for a date? Tell me what you think!

Haven’t posted anything in such a long time! This was a last minute hairstyle, so please excuse the messiness. Basically I just divided my hair into two sections (left & right), braided the right side, twisted it up over my head, and secured with bobby pins. Just a cute add-on for a night out for dinner :)



After: half curly hair!


Bought a panda hat in china haha

Feelin like a real asian

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Bought a panda hat in china haha
Feelin like a real asian

it’s been about a year, but i’m doing my anti-tumblr month again T_T
Cos i need to study, like intense study. or i’m gonna be getting some really shitty tee result for year 12 lol, which i won’t be satisfied with. and yeaaaaah
everything’s going on QUEUE once again!

On another note, I dunno whether to watch Sherlock Holmes on tv tonight.. OR STUDY. (as you can see, already failing at my study schedule.)
but i reaaaaaally wanna watch it D:


i’ll decide in the shower.

^ (a stupid picture of me thinking/being sad)

It’s January the first baby ;D

This time one year ago a lot of things were different. I thought they had taken a change for worse, but i realized they actually made me just.. get so much more about life. So cheers to the new year as well as all the happenings of 2011 :)

Satisfactory day :)

Bleached my friend’s hair today, with my other friend, :)

Haven’t bleached or dyed guy’s hair before apart from my bro’s (cus i’m noob hah.) but I think all in all we were pretty satisfied with out work! He wanted most of it to be blonde, except for one side of his head. You can see more of an orangey tint in real life though

My hair looks like a crazy person today :\